The Unobtainable Department Store Display Pen! Platinum PK-1000 Transparent Demonstration Version

by Wai Tat Jerry


Dimensions 尺寸資料
Length capped 含蓋:11.5 cm
Length uncapped 不含蓋:9.9 cm
Length posted 套蓋:14.5 cm

In 1963, Sailor introduced the market's first pocket fountain pen, the Sailor Mini, (Know more:Sailor Miniwhich achieved tremendous success. Not wanting to be left behind, Platinum also joined the race in 1964 by launching their own line of pocket pens, including the notable PK-1000.And today, we have something special to share— an elusive and extraordinary version of the PK-1000: the transparent demonstrator!


Historical Background: The Trailblazer of Platinum Pocket Pen

In 1964, Platinum made their mark in the industry with their "プラチナ" (Pocket) series of pocket pens, featuring the PK-1000 and PKB-2000.

The PK-1000 designation derived from its intended purpose as a pocket-sized pen, with the "PK" standing for "Pocket" and the "1000" representing its price at the time. Platinum adhered to this naming convention for their pocket pens, incorporating additional English letters and the corresponding price. However, this approach had its drawbacks, as any changes in pricing would result in alterations to the model designations, occasionally leading to confusion during historical research.

Advertisement for the PK-1000 in 1964. Platinum marketed the PK-1000 as a pocket size pen, measuring a mere 11.5cm in length, yet capable of transforming into a normal-sized pen during use.

It is believed that production of the PK-1000 spanned from 1964 to 1977, corroborating the historical decline of short steel pens by the late 1980s.






Design Highlights

The PK-1000 owes its creation to the influence of the Sailor Mini, which is evident in several aspects of its design. For instance, the PK-1000's pen cap features a champagne gold-colored aluminum material similar to that of the Mini. However, Platinum decided to slightly elongate the length of the pocket pen to approximately 11.5cm, adding about 1cm compared to the Mini. While this deviates from the original emphasis on compactness typically associated with pocket pens, it contributes significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal.

This design choice set a new standard that many subsequent pocket pens followed, adopting a similar pen length to the PK-1000.

Pilot Sporty 12, Platinum PK-1000 and Sailor Mini.


Much like the Sailor Mini, the PK-1000 boasts a minimalist design with minimal embellishments. The pen cap merely showcases the engraved logo at its front.

It's worth noting that in June 1969, Platinum transitioned from their previous "Earth Mark" logo to the letter "P." Consequently, PK-1000 pens manufactured before 1969 bear the "Earth Mark" engraving, while those produced afterward display the letter "P."

The PK-1000 in my possession displays the "Earth Mark" logo that Platinum used from 1925 until 1969.

Photo caption from Platinum website
Platinum's official website showcased their first and second pocket pens: the PK-1000 and the PKB-2000, all featuring the "P" logo introduced in 1969. Image source:


In contrast to the uniformity of pen cap design and color, the PK-1000 offers a more extensive range of color options for its pen body. I was fortunate enough to acquire a Platinum product catalog presumed to be from 1968, which documented seven distinct color choices for the pocket pen: black, white, red, pink, yellow, and aqua green. This broader selection may be attributed to the relatively lower cost of color changes in the plastic injection molding process used for the pen body.

A presumed 1968 Platinum product catalog depicts the model referred to as "PK-100," corresponding to the PK-1000. The pen clip design shows slight variations, suggesting a possible mid-version revision. The small circles located below the model numbers indicate the availability of seven different pen body colors, labeled as 1, 2, 11, 13, 15, 30, and 40, with a corresponding color reference chart provided for easy identification.


Rare Transparent Demonstration Version

What we have here is an extraordinary and exceptionally rare transparent demonstration version PK-1000 that is not even listed in the product catalog.

Transparent fountain pens are no longer an uncommon sight today. However, in the past, pen manufacturers crafted special transparent models specifically to showcase the intricate internal structure of the fountain pen. These pens were typically distributed to stores, department stores, or sales representatives solely for display purposes and were not available for sale.

The transparent design allows for a mesmerizing view of the pen grip's internal structure, revealing the hidden "JIS" logo and the finely engraved marking for the No. 5 nib.

Equipped with a 14K gold nib, this pen's nib structure is clearly visible without the need to disassemble the pen itself.


Interestingly, Platinum in Taiwan also produced a transparent demonstration version of the PK-1000, featuring the engraved words "Platinum Sample Pen" on the grip. My sincere appreciation goes to pen friend Wei-bin Chang for sharing this valuable information!






Extremely Rare Platinum pocket pen converter

But perhaps even rarer than the pen itself is the discovery of an ink converter that accompanied this transparent PK-1000.

During the time when pocket pens were in vogue, ink cartridges were gaining popularity in Japan for their convenience in carrying and replacing ink without any risk of damage. As a result, pen manufacturers started equipping pocket pens with ink cartridges. As a result, push-button converters suitable for pocket pens were produced in extremely limited quantities, with Sailor and Platinum converters being particularly scarce. After years of collecting pocket pens, I have finally come across an authentic Platinum pocket pen ink converter.

Engraved with the words "Platinum / To Fill Ink / Press Spring Bar," the Platinum push-button pocket pen ink converter adds an exquisite touch to this rare find.




Although the PK-1000 may not catch your eye at first glance, its unassuming design has quietly revolutionized the world of "pocket pens". With its remarkable combination of affordability and quality, it has carved a niche for itself in the thriving second-hand market. When it comes to finding an affordable and dependable everyday pen, the PK-1000 proves to be an excellent choice.

The journey of acquiring this transparent PK-1000 for my collection has been a winding and unforgettable one. It seemed that fate had played tricks on me as the pen crossed my path not once, not twice, but three times, slipping through my fingers each time.

The first encounter took place during a Christmas pen gathering in Hong Kong back in 2016. A fellow pen enthusiast had put this exquisite pocket pen up for sale, but alas, I arrived a moment too late. As I held it in my hands, it had already found a new owner among my pen-loving peers. A mere five days later, a stroke of luck led me to another opportunity, this time through an online auction. However, life's demands pulled me away just as the bidding closed, and when I returned, the pen had been claimed by another bidder. My bid had fallen short by a mere fifteen Hong Kong Dollar. In the middle of 2017, a friend informed me that someone was once again selling the elusive PK-1000. Unfortunately, circumstances didn't align as I found myself in a financial bind at that very moment, forcing me to reluctantly abandon the pursuit. Shortly after, a twist of fate occurred when a relative, aware of my fervor for pen collecting, presented me with a generous gift in the form of a substantial sum of money. Yet, as I eagerly sought out the seller with cash in hand, destiny had already closed that chapter.

Over a year had passed, and my hopes had dwindled. Little did I know that destiny had a surprise in store. It was on an ordinary day, during a routine pen purchase from a pen friend in Taiwan, that he casually mentioned his role as the seller of the PK-1000 back in 2017. To my astonishment, he revealed that he still had one more of these coveted pens available for sale. It was a twist of fate that after all the waiting and longing, the pen had sought me out instead. The path of a collector is one that demands both luck and unwavering patience.

Now, as I gaze upon the enchanting PK-1000, a pen that embodies rarity, intricacy, and sheer beauty, its golden nib, transparent blue feed, and translucent body all harmoniously shimmering together, I can confidently say that every moment of contemplation and every second of waiting was unquestionably worthwhile.

維達 Wai Tat JERRY YU
2019.01.16 初稿、2024.03.25 重新修訂


  1. プラチナ万年筆。プラチナ万年筆の歩み。

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Lomarion 2019 年 2 月 10 日 - am 4:28

wow, didnt know that there was demontrator versions of this pocket pens, thank you for sharing info, it’s really helpfull, thought i can read your blog only with translator but i really love your collection of pens and after i bought my Platinum PKB-3000 model i feel like i falling in love with them too.

娛生 2019 年 2 月 10 日 - pm 10:03

Hello Lomarion!
I’m so glad to know that oversea pen-lover also enjoys my article and collection and also fall in love with pocket pen. XD
I am working on the English version of my blog. Hope you will enjoy it! =)


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