A Pocket Fountain Pen that has changed my life - Platinum PKN-4000

by Wai Tat Jerry

During the New Year season, instead of focusing on the history of pocket pens as before, let me share with you the pocket pen that has had the biggest impact on me, and even changed my life. The Platinum PKN-4000, with its etched grid pattern on the steel cap, was my first pocket pen in my life.

The story of how I came to possess this pen is quite remarkable. It was in the early autumn of 2015 when I was still a high school student and had recently become interested in fountain pens. One day, while casually exploring in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, I stumbled upon an old stationery store called "Man Yi" and decided to step inside for a look.


Man Yi Stationery Company in 2017.


At the entrance, there was a glass display table with various pens. After perusing the display table and not finding anything special, most people would have simply turned around and left. However, on that day, for some inexplicable reason, I had a strong feeling that something was different about this place.

I carefully observed each row of the display table, pressing my face against the glass and even sitting until my legs grew numb. Suddenly, at a certain moment, I noticed a tray of pens in the darkest, farthest corner. I called out to the shop owner, Jason, who grinned, "These are vintage pens! Only those who have an appreciation for it can recognize that it is something good!"

Jason took out the tray of pens and presented it to me. It contained a collection of vintage Platinum pens from the 1970s that had been discontinued a lot time ago.

You see, at that time, the fountain pen market in Hong Kong was primarily focused on European and American brands, and there were only a few stationery stores that imported Japanese fountain pens. These vintage pens somehow remained undiscovered and unsold over forty years. It was a remarkable fate!

Among those vintage Platinum pens, one particular pen caught my eye - the PKN-4000. Its craftsmanship, design, and character were completely distinct from the modern fountain pens I was accustomed to. Perhaps it was love at first sight, even though I had never owned a pocket pen before, I decided to purchase it and bring it home.



As I spent more time with this pen in my everyday life, my affection for it grew. Its compact size allowed me to carry it in my shirt pocket and take it to school. Its 18k-gold nib amazed me, as I exclaimed, "How can a pen have such a soft and smooth writing experience!" I even don’t want to put down the pen. It is a feeling I have yet to experience with any other pen.

I brought it with me almost everywhere I went - on trips, during important exams, high school graduation, and even university graduation. It has been a companion throughout many significant milestones in my life.

It also ignite my interest in collecting pocket pens. It was precisely because of this pen that I discovered the allure of pocket pens and made the decision to gather a diverse collection. Without it, there wouldn't be the Pocket Pen Chronicle," and I wouldn't be the person I am today.



While phones may be replaced with newer models in a matter of years, a well-suited fountain pen can accompany you for a lifetime. It serves as a vessel for our emotional memories and can even be passed down after we have left this world.

Thank you for being by my side for eight years. I eagerly look forward to your continued guidance for the next eighty years.

Lastly, I hope that all those who have read this far will be able to find the fountain pen in their own lives that they can unequivocally say, "It's you."

2024.01.07 余維達 Jerry Yu


In 2017, when Wan Yi Stationery proudly closed its doors, I, still a high school student at the time, took a photo with the store owner and his wife.




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