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Pocket Pen and Me 我與短鋼

In early autumn of 2015, I was still a high school student and had just recently become interested in fountain pens. One day, while wandering around Sai Kung in Hong Kong, I walked into an old stationery store. In a dim corner of a glass display case, I suddenly saw a whole tray of vintage Platinum fountain pens. It's important to note that in Hong Kong, it's difficult to find old stationery stores, let alone ones that sell fountain pens. It's even rarer to find a stationery store with old stock of Japanese fountain pens after all these years.

Among the entire tray of vintage pens, one pen caught my attention - a pocket pen. At the time, I had no knowledge of pocket pen. But when I saw it, it was love at first sight.

Pocket pen become my favorite and I started collecting them. “Collect all pocket pen" has now become one of my goals and dreams.

About Pocket Pen Chronicle 關於短鋼編年史

In the past, I believed that the internet was omnipotent - that you could find all the information you wanted by simply entering a keyword into a search engine. However, this thinking has changed as the information and history of most pocket pens cannot be found online. Information cannot be found online until someone uploads it. That's why I set up "Pocket Pen Chronicle".

As a discontinued pen model, the pocket pen has not received much attention and there is little scattered information and few articles introducing it, let alone a dedicated website. However, I believe that after learning the stories behind each pen, our appreciation can transcend from one-way admiration to two-way communication. Since the internet is built by people, why can't I be the one to make a change? If there is no introduction website about pocket pen, let me create one.

Although collecting and researching the history of pocket pens is not easy, I am determined to pursue it. My English is not perfect, but I hope to show you the uniqueness of pocket pens. I may make mistakes or provide incorrect information since I am working on my own, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

I hope to collect all the pocket pens and present them to you guys in this Chronicle in the future!

Pilot Sporty 12, Platinum PK-1000, Sailor Mini - 1

The Origin of Pocket Pens

Since 2015, when I started collecting pocket pens, I have been searching for their origin. Why did pocket pens become popular in Japan for nearly twenty years, with almost all pen manufacturers in Japan producing them? Unfortunately, despite searching through various books and websites, I had no success. It wasn't until 2019, when I met Mr. Nobuyoshi Arakura from Pilot at Tainan Pen Show, that I finally found the answer. And surprisingly, the reason is subtly related to my birthplace, Hong Kong!

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A pocket pen lover from Hong Kong!

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