“GOLD FROM THE SWISS BANK” ——Sailor Stainless Steel barrel Pocket Fountain Pen, 14k-gold nib

by Wai Tat Jerry

含蓋:12.0 cm
不含蓋:10.1 cm
套蓋:13.9 cm

Have you ever seen the sentence "GOLD FROM THE SWISS BANK" engraved on vintage Sailor pens from the 1970s? Why do Japanese fountain pens specifically mention that the gold is from a Swiss bank? Well, there's an interesting story behind it.




There are several explanations for the origin of this phrase, but the most credible one is that in the 1970s, Sailor purchased a batch of gold from Pictet, a Swiss bank, to make pen nibs. During the inspection of the gold upon delivery, the staff discovered that this batch of gold had actually come from the French royal family during the French Revolution and had been transferred to Switzerland for protection.

To commemorate this story, Sailor decided to print the phrase "GOLD FROM THE SWISS BANK" on all pen nibs made from this batch of gold and assign them unique serial numbers. So, if you are fortunate enough to own one of these pens, you not only possess an antique pen but also a piece of intriguing history.








Design Highlights

I am lucky to get my hands on a Sailor stainless steel pocket pen with a nib made from Swiss bank gold. The design of the pen is incredibly clean and sleek, devoid of any ornamentation. The only inscription, "SAILOR JAPAN," is discreetly engraved on the back of the cap.



The minimalist appearance enhances the contrast when you remove the cap. The nib features a large, distinctive design, typical of Japanese fountain pens, and the prominent "GOLD FROM THE SWISS BANK" printing gives the pen an understated yet remarkable presence.

In terms of writing performance, the nib is slightly firm, with a tip size around EF, providing controlled ink flow and slight feedback. Although the pen is made with stainless steel, it is relatively lightweight, so when you cap the pen, the balance doesn't shift significantly towards the back.







The production of pen nibs made from Swiss bank gold was limited, and they were mostly paired with normal size fountain pens. It is quite rare to find a pocket pen with a Swiss bank nib. Apart from its collectible value, it carries historical significance, although not widely known.

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