2024.06.20 Pocket Pen Collection Record

by Wai Tat Jerry

After several days of meticulously arranging and organizing, I've finally captured the annual group photo of my fountain pen collection!

My fountain pen collecting journey has spanned nearly 9 years now, and this year the collection has finally surpassed the 200 mark, totaling 210 pens! The desk I usually use for these photoshoots just couldn't accommodate them all, so I ended up spreading out a backdrop on the bed to get the job done. And with my schedule being quite hectic lately, I haven't had the chance to tidy up afterwards, so the pens and I have been cohabiting the bed for a few nights now. XD

Last year saw the addition of many prized possessions to the collection, including a white-striped Pilot Myu, a transparent purple Pilot, and a beautifully carved wooden-barreled pen from Korea Elixer, greatly enriching the lineup. I've also made good progress on the writing and social media front, not only revisiting and revamping many old articles, but also sharing a number of fresh short-form posts. Compared to my former procrastination-prone self, this represents a significant leap forward.

While major changes are afoot in my work life this year, which will likely keep me quite busy, I still hope to carve out time to update the collection with more in-depth articles. There are so many fascinating topics yet to be explored. I look forward to sharing even more captivating fountain pen stories with everyone in the days ahead!


余維達 Wai Tat JERRY YU



【Record Detail】

日本三大筆廠:Pilot 60, Platinum 61, Sailor 34

日本小型筆廠:Deluxe 3, Kanami 3, Ferme 3, Yotubishi 1, Morison 16, Teikin 1, Makoto 1, 日光 1, Swan 1, Mitukan 1, Pentel 1, Kaimei 1

台灣筆廠:SKB 10, Telex 3, Golden 2, Ronson 1, Great 3, Fufu 1, AKS 1

韓國筆廠:Elixer 1



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