2023.06.01 Pocket Pen Collection Record

by Wai Tat Jerry

Two years ago, before I prepared for my college thesis, I boasted that I would introduce more pocket fountain pens after completing it. I never thought that two years have passed and I haven't finished a single article, and my collection has only increased by 14 pens, totaling 172.

After graduation, I had ambitious plans to write new articles in both Chinese and English. However, after completing the first draft, I got stuck in the translation process. My English was not good enough, and there was no Chat GPT at that time, so the translation work was difficult and troublesome. I am also a perfectionist, and I would rather not publish than publish something that is not perfect. After several attempts, coupled with the fatigue of my full-time job and other hobbies that diverted my attention, I gradually lost my interest. There was even a time when I couldn't bring myself to buy a new pen for more than half a year, and my old pens were just sitting in a drawer collecting dust.

Nevertheless, I have never thought of "selling my pens and quitting" as an option. From childhood to adulthood, I have had countless hobbies that lasted only three minutes, but I have always considered fountain pens, especially pocket pens, to be my lifelong passion ever since I first encountered them in the fourth grade of junior high school. I am also very, very lucky to be able to work with fountain pens after graduation. Without fountain pens, I probably wouldn't be who I am today.

At the beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to be a tutor for a fountain pen experience class and share my knowledge with beginners. When I was making the presentation, I found the group photo of all my pocket pens that I took two years ago and added it to the slides. On the podium, when I introduced myself to the audience and said, "I'm a super fan of pocket pens," I suddenly realized, "Ah, I really love pocket pens, so much so that I am proud of it, even loudly proclaiming it to strangers."

Moreover, as I shared in the classroom, I saw the audience's eyes shining with the desire for knowledge, and I suddenly remembered: Wasn't I like this too? Simply eager to collect more pocket pens, as well as their stories and information. "Curiosity," isn't that one of the driving forces behind human progress?

I am very glad that I chose pocket pens. Many pen friends I know have gradually stopped collecting pens because they have already acquired all the pens they wanted, but pocket pens can always surprise me with a new style that I have never seen before. It is really fortunate to be able to find a hobby that I love for a lifetime.

Starting this year, I will seriously introduce more interesting pocket pens and their stories. It would be my honor to have your attention. And if you happen to come across any special pocket pens, please feel free to let me know!


余維達 Wai Tat JERRY YU




【Record Detail】

Japanese Major Manufacturers: Platinum: 55, Sailor: 30, Pilot: 51

Japanese Miner Manufacturers: Deluxe: 3, Kanami: 3, Ferme: 2, Yotubishi: 1, Morison: 14, Teikin: 1, Makoto: 1, 日光: 1, Swan: 1, Mitukan: 1, Pentel: 1 , Kaimei: 1

Taiwanese Manufacturers: Telex:2, S.K.B.: 2, Ronson: 1



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