2021.03.31 Pocket Pen Collection Record 短鋼筆收藏紀錄留影

by Wai Tat Jerry

Time passing so quickly. Four years have gone since I first established the website “Pocket Pen Chronicle”. And now, I am already a graduating student. Four years ago, when I started my website, I had only 35 pocket pens. But now, the number of my collection have achieved 158!

One of the pleasures of collecting pocket pen is that you would never know what interesting pen you will meet. Last year, I collected a lot of minor pen manufacturers’ pocket pen, and the most impressive one would be that of Yotubishi, which features the technique of Ishime-Kanshitsu (Stone Finish) on its pen barrel. I also received pens from Morsion, Kanami, Ferme, etc. I may introduce those minor manufacturers more in the future.

However, I am ashamed to say that despite my growing collection, I haven't written any new articles in almost two years. There were academic reasons, as well as factors such as the political environment in Hong Kong and the pandemic, but the main reason was that I couldn't overcome my own laziness.

Writing a pocket pen article is not an easy task. It often takes several weeks to collect data, take photos, write, translate, create graphics, format, and publish. Although I enjoy the process, reality often doesn't allow me to devote enough time to it. As a result, even though I have many plans, I often lack the motivation to create. Time went on, and before I knew it, two years had passed.

Special thanks to Bruno Tautfor his support. Without his encouragement, I might not rekindle my enthusiasm and took advantage of my leisure time to publish two articles about Taiwanese brand S.K.B.’s pocket pen, saving this website from not updating for nearly two years.

I need to work on my dissertation in the following weeks, so I may not have time to write new pocket pen article. I promise that I will bring you guys more interesting pen stories after finishing those works!

2021.04.08 余維達 Jerry Yu 

Details of my collection:

  • Pilot 49, Platinum 47, Sailor 27
  • Morison 14, Kanami 3, Deluxe 3, Ferme 2, Yotubishi 1, Makoto 1, Pentel 1, Swan 1, Kaimei 1, Teikin 1, Mitukan 1, 日光 1
  • Telex 2, SKB 2, Ronson 1





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