The Glory of S.K.B.——SKB Vintage Pocket Fountain Pen, gold-plated barrel, green stripe

by Wai Tat Jerry

Dimensions 尺寸資料

Capped 含蓋:11.8 cm

Uncapped 不含蓋:10.0 cm

Posted 套蓋:14.7 cm

Weight 重量資料

Capped 含蓋:10.7 g

Uncapped 不含蓋:6.4 g

I used to be focused on Japanese pen manufacturers such as Pilot, Platinum, and Sailor. However, after discovering the Taiwanese brand S.K.B. and its RS-301N brass pocket pen, I realized that there are many good pen manufacturers in Taiwan that produce pocket pens. Today, I'll be discussing a vintage S.K.B. pocket fountain pen with a gold-plated barrel and green stripe.

If you want to learn more about the history of S.K.B., one of the biggest Taiwanese fountain pen manufacturers during the 1960s and 1970s, please click:重拾經典的溫度——SKB文明鋼筆 RS-301N(Kano) 黃銅短鋼筆 鼠團200K+特別版



設計導賞 The Design

Due to the limited information available on vintage S.K.B. fountain pens, I have not been able to identify the model of this S.K.B. pocket pen. Based on its design style, I speculate that it was produced in the 1970s.

The quality of the pen is excellent. The metal pen barrel and cap were well-polished, and the green stripes on the pen body were sprayed evenly and meticulously. The word "SKB" is engraved on the clip. It is high-quality and fashionable, making it feel like a product from a top-class Japanese pen company.


According to the founder, Lu Rong Huo, S.K.B. imported manufacturing techniques from Japan. However, during that time, main pen manufacturers in Japan were restricted and not able to enter Taiwan, so S.K.B. had to rely on technicians from small Japanese factories. We can only imagine how much time and effort S.K.B. put into producing fountain pens.





筆尖 The Nib

The pen nib is another thing worth paying attention to. The pen comes with a gold-plated steel nib, which should have been produced by S.K.B. itself. The trademark of S.K.B. and the word "W.M.H", which should be the acronym of the Chinese name of the brand "Wen Ming Hang", are engraved on the nib.

The pen nib was made by S.K.B. Some of the gold plating has already faded.


S.K.B. was one of the few pen manufacturers in Taiwan capable of producing fountain pen nibs. They even developed techniques for producing 14K and 18K gold nibs. However, S.K.B. turned their attention to ballpoint pens and stopped producing fountain pens after the 1970s. Those pen nib manufacturing techniques have now been lost.

S.K.B.'s new fountain pen models are all equipped with German-made nibs. Considering that the writing instrument market continues to shrink, and the money and time required for training technicians is significant, it is unlikely that Taiwanese-made pen nibs will be seen again.





S.K.B.與白金的謎團 The Mystery of S.K.B. and Platinum

While shooting a picture of the nib, I discovered a shocking detail: the nib of this S.K.B. pocket pen is very similar to the No.4 size nib used by Platinum pocket pens!

Apart from the breather hole of the S.K.B. nib being closer to the grip than that of the Platinum's, the size, shape of the nib, and design of the feed are identical.


Comparing the No.4 size nib of the Platinum PK-23-2000 (Full article:白金PK-23-2000短鋼) with that of this S.K.B. pocket pen. We can see that they are almost the same. It's a pity that I don't have the tools in my hand to disassemble the nibs.


The structure of the hidden locking mechanism used to secure the nib inside the grip is also extremely similar.


After checking some information, I found out that Platinum cooperated with a Taiwanese company in 1970 to establish the Platinum Fountain Pen Co., Ltd. in Taiwan and set up a factory in 1974 to produce fountain pens in Taiwan. A number of Taiwanese people were selected and sent to Japan to study, and Platinum also sent technicians to Taiwan to guide the development and production.

Is it possible that S.K.B. took the opportunity of Platinum setting up a factory in Taiwan and learned its pen manufacturing experience, then created this pocket pen? Or did S.K.B. commission the Platinum factory in Taiwan to produce nibs and even pocket pens? We still need more evidence to make a conclusion.





結語 Conclusion

All in all, this is a wonderful vintage S.K.B. pocket pen. The quality, design, and nib are all amazing. I am so glad to have it. Additionally, I learned a lot about the history of Taiwan's stationery industry while writing this article. It has opened my world not only to Japanese pocket pens but also to Taiwanese ones. I hope to collect more Taiwanese pocket pens in the future!






余維達 Wai Tat Jerry Yu



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